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6 Rules For Effective Resume Writing

Looking for a new job can be exhausting. Your resume is the primary document that can set you apart from all of the other applicants, and secure the interview you are hoping for. Before you start sending your resume, take some time to make sure your resume is as effective as it can be. Here are some rules to consider:

Rule #1 – Always Be Honest and Accurate

You never want to misrepresent your experience, dates of service, or job titles to a prospective employer. There are many reasons for this. Setting aside the fact that it’s the right thing to do, you don’t want to get into the interview and not be able to competently discuss the expertise you claim on your resume. Dates, titles, and experience all need to be accurate. If an employer finds out that you misrepresented something on your resume or application, this could be grounds for termination of employment. Even if it doesn’t, it can create mistrust - Not a good place to start a new employment relationship.

Rule #2 – Match The Job Description

Keeping the first rule in mind, you should always try to use the same language that is used in the job description. Whether it is a person or a computer system checking your resume, you want to make it easy to identify that you match what they are looking for. If they list out a set of skills that they are looking for, and you can honestly claim those skills, make sure that your resume uses the same wording and places those skills in areas where they will easily be noticed.

Many times, the person reviewing the resume and making initial decisions about who moves forward is not a subject matter expert in the field they are recruiting for. They are looking for specific indicators that the person they are reviewing has the right skill set. You want them to be able to check the boxes easily.