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About Us

Renewal Talent Solutions, based in Evansville, Indiana, was started in May of 2017. Since that time, Renewal has been able to serve a variety of different clients in different industries, and of different sizes. Although Renewal is geographically based in Evansville, modern technology gives us the ability to serve clients around the United States. Renewal offers quality recruiting services at a very competitive price.


Although we are able and willing to serve businesses of all sizes, our main focus is on providing a quality recruiting resource to smaller companies (less than 300 employees).   


Renewal Talent Solutions aims to be a trusted recruiting resource to every client through effective communication, delivering results, and operating with integrity. We aim to be the preferred recruiting partner for small to mid-sized companies in Southern Indiana and the surrounding regions.  

About The Founder

Jimmy Konrath

Founder & Recruiter

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Jimmy Konrath is the founder of Renewal Talent Solutions. Mr. Konrath has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Human Resources and Management from Oakland City University. Not long after graduating, he began working in Human Resources where he was fortunate to gain several years of experience in a variety of industries.

His experience with recruiting and general human resources practices makes him an ideal partner for companies that need a recruiting partner that understands the complexities of the talent acquisition functions of a business. Mr. Konrath is able to put years of experience to work on behalf of the clients he serves. Currently, Mr. Konrath works independently and provides his years of experience to every recruiting project.