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Our Services

Targeted Recruiting Solutions

We will work with you to establish your criteria and engage in a recruiting effort to target the candidates that you are looking for. Renewal does not just pass along resumes. Based on our collaboration with you, we make an effort to effectively screen candidates and provide you with candidates that closely align to your recruiting objectives. Our experience in Human Resources and interviewing allows us to be an effective partner that is able to understand your needs, and effectively recruit on your behalf.

Recruitment Outsourcing

If you are a small company, wanting to conduct a confidential search, or a company experiencing considerable growth, this may be the right service for you. Effective recruiting can take up significant time and resources. We can take this off of your hands, and allow you to focus on your primary job while we develop a candidate pool, screen candidates, and provide you with only selected candidates to consider.

Small Business Advantage Program

This program is geared toward smaller companies that need consultation or assistance with sourcing strategy or interviewing, but don't want to pay a full recruiting fee. We provide phone screening, onsite interviews, and/or job posting assistance to help you in your recruiting efforts. Depending on the specific services you are looking for, the pricing will be a fixed price per phone screen, interview, or project. 

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